Dropbox You should all check out dropbox.  It is a great way to sync important files across computers, backup online, and share files with others.  Click on “Dropbox” above to check it out!

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The Firehouse

In 2008, I was called on to become the worship leader for The Firehouse, the first venue that multi-site Newark Church of the Nazarene designed from the ground up.  They purchased a golf warehouse which originally was built as a fire station on Maholm Street in Newark, Ohio, about two blocks from where it all [...]

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Bwacks Forum

If you are a worship leader, you probably know about The David Crowder*Band. While you may not know what the elusive meaning behind the asterisk is, you can learn about the band and their music at Bwack's Forum. The forum is not just a place to chat about DC*B, though. I've been a member of [...]

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