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In Your Presence

I recently heard this song from Elevation Worship that spoke very clearly to me. As someone working in a church that leads people who fill many different roles, it’s easy to be distracted by all of the details that are involved in producing an experience. When will we take offering? When should we share the updates? What should we say about them? What is the theme we are working with? What should we title our worship celebration? Who is going to play drums? Bass? Synth? Electric? Not to mention all the long term projects that need to be met with some level of progress over the course of several weeks.  Every Sunday, I’m met with a deadline, and if I don’t hit the ground running early in the week, I can quickly find myself off-pace for my week and scrambling to catch up.  When I find myself in that place, it becomes even more difficult to simply be in His presence.

But that’s my critical role: Live in the presence of God in ways that lead others to do the same.

All the details seem incredibly important if we want a seamless experience, but at the core, if my spirit isn’t filled with His, I won’t have anything left to pour out on the people who come to meet Jesus.  Good music matters. Proper planning matters. My team matters. My family matters. But nothing matters more than maintaining a close connection with God.

So I’m opening and closing our service this weekend with this song. I’m really excited for how God could speak through it, and even more excited for this week in which I’ve been reminded of how to structure my time and priorities.

If you’d like to have a chart for this song so you can use it as well, feel free to use mine.


Discussion Question: What plans do you have in place to make sure you don’t lose sight of your critical role in ministry?

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